Mission 22 Yoga and Exercise Mat
Mission 22 Yoga and Exercise Mat

Mission 22 Yoga and Exercise Mat

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Eco Recycled Rubber Yoga and Exercise Mat 

Function: Performance-centric design holds the floor and hugs your hands and feet, keeping you from sliding, even in hot yoga.

Thickness: 3/16” of cushion keeps joints happy without sacrificing connection to the earth through balancing poses.

Size: 72” x 24” of space, longer than an average mat, and lighter at 3.7lbs, it fits into your standard yoga mat bag.

Material: 100% recycled rubber, but without the "new car smell" of other rubber mats. Performs like a pro on all surfaces including wood, grass, sand and cement.

100% Recycled Materials

Our ECO Recycled Rubber Mat is made from closed cell recycled rubber, crafted into a performance tool that can be recycled again at the end of its life. When you're ready for a new mat, use your old mat in new ways; as a garden kneeling pad or a workshop ma

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